Welcome! In this era of the pandemic, I have been busy working on my tradecraft. One of the new crafts I am learning is the creation, care and feeding of a YouTube Channel. “Why?” you might ask. You see, back in the fall of 2017 I began the journey of sharing my life’s work; did I tell you I’m not just an engineer? Nope, I’ve been living a double life most of my life. So, back in the fall of 2017 I ‘came out’ and began sharing my artistic work in a series of books under the tagline ‘A Photographer’s Journey.’ You can learn more about my books here.

Book writing is fun, but book marketing is both expensive and not fun. That is the reason I’m now learning the tradecraft of visual storytelling, and the medium I have chosen is YouTube. Click on the image below to view my second video in a series I call ‘Virtual Field Trips.’ You can check out my channel here. Thus, my Photographer’s Journey continues forward in video and books.

My Plans for December

I will be rolling out a brand new product in late November, and continue to develop that line throughout December. The new product, Tips from the Field, will deliver free advice about how to get better outdoor pictures and videos without having to take a photography course. My tips will be valuable whether your camera is on your phone or tablet, or you are using an interchangeable lens camera.

For example, I’ll share topics like ‘how I pack my gear for a photo trip’ and ‘how I organize my photos.’ Tip From the Field #1 addresses the question, “Have you ever been disappointed after traveling to a famous place because your pictures did not look the pictures you have seen?” Often, a bit of advance planning is all that is needed, and I’ll show how I plan for ideal conditions when I get to a new place.

Up Next

Tips from the Field #1, “Landscape Photography: It’s All About the Light,” will premier in late November or early December. TFFs will be free, in return for sharing your email address so that I can deliver the pdf to you. The accompanying video will include a live recording showing how I use the process described in TFF #1 in my own preparations for a photo outing. TFF videos are also free on my YouTube Channel (see link under Resources, below).


My YouTube channel, Larry Rogers Art & Motion

My Jounals in the Series, A Photographer’s Journey