My Latest Video

Welcome! In this era of the pandemic, I have been busy working on my tradecraft. One of the new crafts I am learning is the creation, care and feeding of a YouTube Channel. “Why?” you might ask. You see, back in the fall of 2017 I began the journey of sharing my life’s work; did I tell you I’m not just an engineer? Nope, I’ve been living a double life most of my life. So, back in the fall of 2017 I ‘came out’ and began sharing my artistic work in a series of books under the tagline ‘A Photographer’s Journey.’ You can learn more about my books here.

Book writing is fun, but book marketing is both expensive and not fun. That is the reason I’m now learning the tradecraft of visual storytelling, and the medium I have chosen is YouTube. Click on the image below to view my second video in a series I call ‘Virtual Field Trips.’ You can check out my channel here. Thus, my Photographer’s Journey continues forward in video and books.

My Plans for October

I will be taking a short break from Virtual Field Trips. During the month of October I will working on a series of tips, from ‘how I pack my gear for a photo trip’ to ‘how I organize my photos.’ In parallel, I will be making yet another technology transition from one brand of photo/video gear to another.

I won’t get in to brand-bashing, because I truly believe all the major brands produce quality equipment for a number of purposes and levels of photography experience. I know some of you landing here may be interested to know what I’m changing from and to… and why.

OK, I’ll fill in a blank or two. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Starflash. At some point in the far away past, I upgraded to a Minolta SRT-101 35mm film camera, which I used for about three years. From there I upgraded to a Nikon F2 35mm film camera, then a Nikkormat EL, Nikkormat EL2, and Nikon FE2 before taking a break to concentrate on aviation for about ten years.

The digital revolution became too much to resist when Nikon announced the D70, one of the first ‘affordable’ and ‘better than film’ digital sensor cameras. Along came the D200, D300, D300S, D4, D800, and D850. So, why am I switching now?

Like so many things in life, in order to reach the tippy-top in terms of perfection, the last two percent requires extreme mastery, and the best equipment available at any price. Most will not notice any difference in my work. But, I will. Last January, I rented a Sony a7R iv for two weeks. While that is not one of the bodies that will be in my new lineup, I did see enough to know that I would probably make a change. The new lineup, once the items arrive from Sony, will include the a7S iii (for video), a9 ii, 24-105 f4, 100-400 f4, 1.4x TC, a vertical grip and some miscellaneous accessories. October will be busy with all this change happening.

Up Next

During the month of October, I will be designing and shooting my first few episodes of a new series of ‘Tips from the Field,’ which is not meant to teach photography (there are so many people out there who are masters). My ‘Tips…’ videos may useful to anyone who has ever wondered, “How do pros organize hundreds of thousands of photos and videos,” or “Is it even possible to locate any photo in my collection in a few seconds or less?” I’ll have quick answers to those questions and many more, starting soon.


My YouTube channel, Larry Rogers Art & Motion

My Jounals in the Series, A Photographer’s Journey