Virtual Field Trip: Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Loop Trail

We all want to get back to ‘normal,’ whatever that was. I’m optimistic that soon we will have confidence to venture out again. For those of us (yes, me too) feeling the urge to get back out, but perhaps aren’t quite ready for crowds and hotel stays, I am bringing you the best experiences from my travels in a new video series, ‘A Photographer’s Journey’ which just started production in July 2020.

New Video Series has Started Production

Just three weeks ago, I published a pilot video, ‘Virtual Field Trip: Bald Eagles in the Wild.‘ In that video, I explain why Bald Eagles migrate hundreds, even thousands of miles each winter and I share the exact location where I travel each winter to photograph hundreds of them congregating in a small area. As I will in all Virtual Field Trip videos, I share some of my favorite pictures from the past ten years, and basic safety and awareness information, just in case you decide get outside to see Bald Eagles for yourself. Be sure to check it out in the August 2020 archive.

Today, I am dropping the second video in the series, ‘Virtual Field Trip: Yellowstone’s Old Faithful loop Trail.’ In it, I share some aerial footage of some of the most awesome places in the national park, like the Yellowstone River flowing toward the Lower Falls, Midway Geyser basin and Grand Prismatic Spring; a slow-motion video of Old Faithful Geyser during an eruption; maps of the overall Yellowstone National Park highway system and a detailed Trail Guide of the Old Faithful Loop Trail. As always, you get to see some of my favorite videos and pictures, all taken along the trail you’ll see in the video below. As you watch, be understand that the images I show have been taken over a period of years, spending many hours patiently waiting for a geyser to erupt or for weather to improve.

I have bold plans for the video series, ¬†including many virtual field trips like “the Old Faithful Loop Trail.” In each video I share deep personal experiences that moved me to become an activist for wildlife and environmental conservation. Standard content includes travel information to help you get to each place I travel, some of my favorite videos and photos from there, and I’ll de-mystify each of these places that may seem to be just out of reach for those interested in the experience.

Later this year (2020) or early 2021 I am planning a second series of videos in which I will share insights on some of the most difficult images shown in my videos, and how I created them. That series is tentatively titled ‘Anatomy of an Image.’ Also, I’m thinking about a third potential video series on the subject of tool tips – things like how I organize my photos so that I can locate almost any of my 120,000 images and videos in a matter of seconds.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check out the video above by clicking on the goofy image of me in my Tilley hat. Stay safe and healthy until next time.

Best, Larry

Additional Resources

Maps of Yellowstone

GPS Coordinates for the Old Faithful Area
44 27 37.31 (Lat) -110 49 41.59 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4923021 N, 513665 E




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