I am wildlife and landscape photographer Larry Rogers. With more than 40 years of photographing nature and accumulating more than 120,000 images and videos, it’s time to share my life’s work. I invite you to check out the short video below to learn a bit more about me.

I have launched a new channel on YouTube, entitled Larry Rogers Art & Motion. Prior to launch, I created two ‘virtual field trip’ videos, entitled Bald Eagles in the Wild and Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Loop Trail. Next up, Wild Utah: Five National Parks and More, is scheduled to drop on September 11.

My goal for the channel is to create a new ‘virtual field trip’ approximately every two weeks throughout the Fall of 2020. In addition to virtual field trip videos, I will be introducing a series called ‘Anatomy of an Image’ in which I will explain the back-story and techniques used to create an image that I select from one of my posted videos.

Thank you for stopping by my website! I welcome your comments and suggestions, and to make it easy to contact me I have included a direct contact form. You can also post a public comment on my YouTube channel. I personally read contact forms sent from this site (which are private) and public comments posted on the YouTube channel. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.

How You can Help Share my Vision

I state my vision in each video, “I create these short videos of wild places and the wildlife that call them home in the hope that you will one day visit these places for yourself.”

The places I share in my videos are endangered. By sparking an interest in those who watch my videos, it is my hope they may become future stewards. Knowing a place is power; loving a place is power to make change. By sharing my videos with others, you increase awareness even further. Sharing my channel is easy – simply copy and share this link: Larry Rogers Art & Motion (YouTube).

It’s a lot of work to create the content posted on my YouTube channel! My desire is to reach as large an audience as possible with my vision. In finding my community, I’ll find those who know, or want to know these beautiful yet endangered lands. I am working to convert awareness into future stewards. For more information on the situation faced by our national parks, I invite you to visit the website of a project I am sponsoring, The Conservancy Project.